Extreme Skydiving

How fast do you believe that a skydiver freefalls into the floor below before their shoot is triggered? Well believe it or not the speed of a skydiving freefall could be corrected using their body positions. Typically however your stomach will be facing the Earth below but it is still possible to reach a shocking 190 kph, but the top speed was clocked at 988 kph. The normal skydive of 14,000 feet the will normally last 5 – 7 minutes but the skydiving freefall itself lasts no longer than one minute. And drifting to Earth is where you get to genuinely understand the beauty of the land below and makes you appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. Although most people who travel here they spend a day or two on a holiday excursions and have nothing else to do. But what if you can see this natural wonder whilst falling 13,000 ft? It is literally a breathtaking way to look at the Great Barrier Reef. But there are also many other areas over coastlines and national parks which make for a gorgeous skydive. On your first jump it’ll be tandem, skydiving with a teacher that will brief you on safety and how to position your body throughout the hop. Shortly after you’ll be up in the air peaking out at 9,000 feet, up to 14,000 feet and this is when the nerves actually kick in, especially as you’re edging closer to the doorway. Your teacher will make the leap and within seconds the airplane you jumped from sounds miles away. Even though the feeling is hard to describe, the skydiving freefall itself does not appear to give you a sense of falling at high rates, despite the fact that the skydiving freefall is enormous. This is because the ground does not appear to get any nearer until at last you arrive at the point where the instructor pulls the shoot. If want to discuss extreme skydiving then let us talk about a renowned name in Skydiving… Joseph Kittinger, a military officer who holds the world record for maximum altitude jump as well as the fastest skydiving freefall. In 1960 Kittinger made his leap from a balloon at an incredible height of 102,800 feet which got him speeds of up 988 kph. In Udon Thailand, 2006 400 skydivers engaged in breaking the world record in formation skydiving. Formation skydiving gets increasingly more difficult when increasing the amount of skydivers but in 2006 they pulled off this stunt successfully. Many who skydive get hooked on the adrenalin where Animal Control Experts simply try it for the experience, no matter how fearful they’re. But skydiving places are located all around the world and can be readily taken up as a hobby or a one-off encounter.


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